Reliable Supplier Verification Service

Global trade works verification service : Helping Boost Transparency & Preciseness

What’s The Purpose Of Verification?


The method of verifying a customer’s credentials to ensure accuracy and confirm the credibility of the offered information for an organization is known as third-party verification. This process helps in verifying the information of the Supplier to ensure that the Supplier is genuine and Trustable.

If you have a presence near the factory, you could consider conducting your own company inspections. But from the Overseas or from another state it's not a simple job we will make it hassle-free for you, we will do that full of hassle job for you, Global Trade Works Verify the Supplier for you and confirm that the Supplier you are dealing with is reliable, for now, we are only active in India but soon we are opening in China.

There are numerous advantages to having your Company Verified by a third-party inspection service, as outlined above. At Insight Quality Services, we have completed tens of thousands of verifications across the country.

Benifits of Verification

Impartial Report:

Since a third-party Verification company is not affiliated with the factory or your company, they will give an impartial, independent report. As such, you are more likely to get an accurate picture of your Company and goods on the ground.


Unless your order volumes are high enough to justify a permanent presence near the factory, hiring an inspection company can help lower your costs. Inspectors can travel to the supplier’s facility at any point in the production process, and you will only pay based on the “man-days” spent.

Increased Sales & Customer Satisfaction:

Having your order inspected while it is still at the factory helps ensure that you receive quality goods. If you supply consistently high-quality goods, consumers are more likely to become loyal to your brand. As such, they may refer your products to friends and family and write about your brand on social media, leading to improved business outcomes.


After conducting the Verification Global Trade works Provides the Assurance Certificate that Indicates you Are Verified Supplier from Global Trade works Its a business verification service that checks records of existence, credibility, and trustworthiness of businesses.


We deploy state-of-the-art tools and techniques, ensuring the security of your database by following the norms of online reputation management. Rest assured that your data and customers are in safe hands. We also constantly upgrade our systems to ensure maximum security and prevent malicious attempts of hacking and forgery.

Key Differentiators

  1. Confirm the credibility
  2. Ensures supplier is trustworthy
  3. Impartial verification
  4. Hassle free verification process


Global trade works strives for validation and making verification process effortless.